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Brian Lee

Graduated College with a degree in IT back in 2003 worked in various warehouses running inventory programs.
Back in 2012 I decided to check out radio and applied at a local station in the Seattle market. After months of free labor I though how cool would this be if I actually got paid for it. So with a little hard work and a lot of brown nosing I was given the chance to fill in for a mid day shift. I guessed people at the station liked what they heard because the following week I had my own air shift.
After a year of that I realized growth at the station wouldn't come so I started exploring other stations out of the area. I ended up finding a station in the Last Frontier, yes the fidget land of Alaska. I had never been there before but tried to imagine myself living in an igloo and fishing out of a hole for dinner. I decided it would work because I was offered my own morning show and assistant Program Director. To my surprise after arriving it was colder but not as primitive as I expected.
After two years of battling moose crossings, long days, and very short days along with icy road conditions and the beautiful Northern Lights I figured it was time to move on.
I fell in love with Bend and decided it was time to find my final stop and settle down. I love the station here and the people I work with.

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