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Brian Lee

I Started out in the IT field in the early 2000’s. Eventually finding myself in the world of Radio, which combine my two favorite things, music and tech. Transitioning from IT into radio was smooth and actually gave me an advantage with the advancement of radio moving into a more digital world where apps, streaming and social media have become more and more popular.
I started my radio career in the Seattle Market, working for KGY and KYYO, a heritage station that was established in the 1940. I worked under a legend in the business, who had been in radio for years in both Britian and the U.S. Not to mention some of the largest on-air personalities that dominated the Seattle market, ushering in the new sound of what was known as Young Country back in the 90’s. I would also fill in on KMNT for live on location broadcasting, weekday shows and local sports.
In 2014 I was offered a position hosting a morning show in Anchorage Alaska for Ohana Media Group, who owned clusters of stations in Anchorage, Wasilla, Seattle, and Astoria. This was my first experience with hosting multiple day parts in more than one market. In the morning I hosted the Morning Mayhem on Q99.7 KMBQ and the Midday on KCRX Classic Rock out of Astoria OR. It was a fun experience to have two different shows in two different markets, over 2000 miles apart.
In 2015 I decided it was time to move into the programming side of radio while still maintaining the on-air aspect of it. For several years I had followed a country station out of Bend OR, New Country 99/7 The Bull KMTK. I visited Bend Oregon at the end of 2015 and stopped into Combined Communications and knew it was the place I wanted to be after the experience. By early 2016 I moved to Bend and started programming The Bull and have built, changed, morphed and adapted it to what it is today, the best country station in Central Oregon.

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